Why Should My Child Study Martial Arts?

1. Karate is a long term continuous learning and growing experience, unlike seasonal activities.
2. Karate adds mental and personal development to physical activities.
3. Karate allows for individual as well as group participation.
4. In karate the competition level is lower and no one feels like a loser.
5. Unlike many team activities there are no unfair practices, thus eliminating the frustration for both child and parent.
6. Karate allows the child to develop, grow, and improve at their own pace.
7. Karate is encouraging and motivational, thus carrying over into all other aspects of the child's life.
8. Because of the ranking system in karate, children are constantly encouraged and moving through a series of winning experiences, thus developing self-esteem and a positive self-image.
9. Self-discipline is stressed in karate which is a missing element in today's youth.
10. Karate teaches self-respect and respect for others.

Is Martial Arts Training Dangerous?

While it is true that any physical sport or discipline there always exists the possibility of an injury, a well run karate school will have very few. This especially true with the use of modern safety equipment. However, safety goes well beyond special equipment and here is where school policy and the instructors training and knowledge are vital.

The instructors knowledge of safety, physical training procedure, and educational psychology are important to insure your child's safety in the karate school environment. Even tournament competition is safe if conducted properly. Over the years, we've seen many more of our students injured during activities such as baseball, football, track, and gymnastics than at the karate school.

How to Choose a Martial Arts School

If you think martial arts classes might benefit your child, how do you go about finding the very best school? First, take your time. Don't go to the first or the cheapest school. Investigate each completely before enrolling your child. A lot of this can be done over the phone. Finding out simple things like class size, age groups, skill levels, etc. can eliminate some schools quickly. Make an appointment to visit potential schools and meet the instructors. Make sure it is convenient for you, as you will be traveling there quite a lot.
Observe classes and watch the students. Even a black belt who is personally skillful might not be able to transfer that knowledge

New Black Belts Mr. Kemp and Mr. Hawkins with their parents and Sensei Ward at the 2002 CSK Karate Retreat.

Now What Do We Do?

If you have thoroughly considered your child's participation in martial arts classes and are interested in beginning to help your child achieve a head start in life it's time to begin. After you have done your research and checked out the local schools, make some decisions about where you would like your child to start and contact that school about beginning.
Most schools allow for introductory classes where new students can 'try it out' with little or no fee. Arrange for a introductory class and let your child see how they feel after those classes before making a decision.

Good luck and enjoy!


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